AAH #343 – The First Camaro Ever and The Teenager Who Found It

August 19th, 2016 at 10:00am

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2:55 – The First Camaro
34:48 – The new Luxury brand Genesis
58:20 – Ford’s move into autonomy
01:04:47 – Bonus Footage! Magna Interns ask questions

SPECIAL GUEST: Logan Lawson, Owner, Camaro #1

What’s better than being Number 1? How about finding and owning Number 1, especially when it’s the very first Chevrolet Camaro. Join John McElroy for the fascinating story of how a teenager from Kansas tracked down and documented the historic car which he now owns. Also on our panel is Mark Gessler from the Historic Vehicle Association. Joining John McElroy of Autoline.tv, asking questions and providing insight, is Henry Payne from the Detroit News.

Then during our NEWS portion of the show both David Welch from Bloomberg and Seyth Miersma of Motor1 join John & Henry to discuss several topics.

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One Comment to “AAH #343 – The First Camaro Ever and The Teenager Who Found It”

  1. TJWatson59 Says:

    I fully appreciate and understand the importance and need for autonomous technologies in our future. That being said, throughout history, there is always one downfall with making idiot proof technology…Idiots. While I could be humming along in my NX-211 Sedan reading the paper (online) and sipping on a favorite beverage, there will invariably be Mr. Sixties in his 1980 Cutlass, running late, trying to get to his mom’s for dinner. While my car with its Lidar, and 47 cameras may stop at the intersection and then proceed, what is stopping those technologically challenged from running said 4 way and T-boning my heretofore flawless automobile?