AD #2953 – GM’s Q3 Earnings Look Impressive; New Nissan Navara Revealed; Volkswagen Jetta GLI Review

November 5th, 2020 at 11:53am

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Runtime: 9:48

0:07 GM’s Q3 Earnings Look Impressive
1:04 ZF Helps Improve Semi Truck Fuel Economy
2:10 Tesla Gets Big Semi Truck Order
3:51 New Nissan Navara/Frontier Revealed
5:11 Audi Finalizing Performance e-tron GT
6:02 New Subaru BRZ to Debut Soon
7:28 Volkswagen Jetta GLI Review

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37 Comments to “AD #2953 – GM’s Q3 Earnings Look Impressive; New Nissan Navara Revealed; Volkswagen Jetta GLI Review”


    I would likely lease a Lucid Air. If it goes sideways, it would be returned to Lucid at the end of the lease and become their problem.

    I wouldn’t buy either car.

  2. Lambo2015 Says:

    I don’t understand car companies offering the two different size screens. The cost difference from a 6″ screen to an 8″ screen cannot possibly justify the cost of having two different IP’s. I can understand maybe not having all the same options but geez just give everyone the larger screen and simplify your dash and complexity VW.

  3. Lambo2015 Says:

    So typical of Elon when he unveiled the Tesla semi in 2017 he said production would begin in 2019 and since then was pushed back to late 2020. Well its November so Sean your comment of “coming soon”, Any idea if that’s still this year or will they miss their target by two years? With orders out there for 270 and an option for another 500, seems this should be a priority of mega proportions.

  4. Kevin A Says:

    Sean, The Ford/VW “cooperation” we have all heard about is presumed to just be about pickups, commercial vehicles and EVs. Since Ford is almost completely out of the ‘car’ business in North America, is there any chance they might offer a VW based car? Although the Jetta GLI is a little frumpy for my taste, with a few tweaks and a new grille, it would make a heck of a Capri. It would require little effort from Ford and would give hope to nostalgic people like me. If BMW and Toyota can cooperate on a sporty car, so can Ford and VW.

  5. wmb Says:

    Wow the new Navara/Frontier looks like a lot better then the dated version Nissan sales today. IMHO, they should take the looks of this truck and apply them to their full size Titan! The Titan looks like they through a lot of different things at it and it looks seems non cohesive. Adopting the Navara’s looks may not help sells, but it couldn’t hurt either.

    Regarding your question about buying a luxury EV, would one choose a Model S and the Air. Here’s the thing, the Model S is not a luxury car, it’s a BEV that has the price point of a standard luxury vehicle. Tesla makes no claims that it is or ever will be. The Air, on the other hand, does. Lucid said that they were building a luxury EV and it seems that they have. I’m not taking anything away from the Tesla, for they produce perhaps, arguably, the greatest line of BEV’s on the road today. EV’s are expensive and I believe their costs/price point reflects that. Yet they are not luxury cars and some of their quality control issues demonstrate this. When one thinks of true luxury vehicles, one of the things they envision is that it is built like a tank, rock solid, with high quality and attention to detail(s) [whether this is true or not is another discussion]. And as great as Tesla is, it seems that it is those little things, those little details that the owner comes it contact with (gaps in trim pieces, paint that doesn’t match, etc.), that seem to give it that blue collar finish. Lucid said that they were building a luxury EV and all that implies! It looks like that is what they have done in pictures, but the proof will be in the pudding, so to speak. I hope that auto journalist give the Lucid Air THE SAME TREATMENT that they give to the Big Three and their luxury vehicles! No concessions, no quarters or excuses! Despite Cadillac and Lincoln building some of their best vehicles in recent history, they can never find parity with their European rivals, especially the German Three! While Lucid’s finances come from over seas, it is billed as an American automaker. Therefore they should be judged just as harshly as those luxury vehicles from Detroit! We will be watching Autoline!

  6. Larry D. Says:

    5 In case anybody here does not know, Lucid is funded by SAUDI ARABIA, not just some kindly Old World Billionaires in London. The SAMED Saudis that routinely deny women their rights, even that of DRIVING A STUPID CAR, and the SAME Saudi Arabia where ALL 20 9/11 MURDERERS CAME FROM. But how soon we forget.

    Second, Lucid is STILL Pie in the Sky.

    THird, the AWESOME Model S is a LUXURY PERFORMANCE Car. It has just as much luxury and FAR MORE performance than a CURRENT BMW.

    FOurth, TESLA is TRULY a 100% American company. FAR more american than FOrd and GM who build all kinds of junk in MEXICO and IMPORT it to the US. Tesla also has factories abroad, BUT to make cars for those nations, not to import them in the USA.

    Fifth, Tesla is BY FAR the DOMINANT BEV maker, with 75% of the US BEV market

    SIXTH and most important, LUCID does not even TRY to compete with Tesla in the ALL IMPORTANT MASS MARKET models like the affordable Model 3 and Y. THIS IS where the real action is, the S and the X are low-volume models which were done to iron out the problems so the BIG models, the 3 and the Y, can be produced efficiently and, most important, AT A PROFIT, which could be 30% according to MUNRO..

  7. Kevin A Says:

    Larry, You should be HAPPY that Lucid is funded by Saudi’s. If Lucid is as much of a failure as you suspect, the Saudi’s will lose a fortune and a REAL (ie American) company can buy the assets for pennies. Also, did you realize that Daimler-Benz is heavily owned by Kuwaiti and Chinese shareholders when you bought your cars? Or is that different somehow?

  8. Wim van Acker Says:

    @7: The ten largest shareholders in TESLA stock (owning close to 30%) are all investment funds. The identity of those investors in those funds is not public information. Theoretically the Saudi Public Investment Fund, which holds 2/3 of the LUCID stock, could own a lot of TESLA stock. Ah, those annoying facts.


  9. Bob Wilson Says:

    I’m not in the market for a luxury EV. Having used Electrify America and EVgo as well as SuperChargers, Lucid may as well throw in horse tackle. An EV is only as usable as their fast DC charging network. Too bad Lucid did negotiate SuperCharger access.

  10. Bob Wilson Says:

    Lucid did not negotiate SuperCharger access. Their EV is hobbled.

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    5,6 The Model S is a large performance hatchback. It is less luxurious, but less pricey in most versions than that gas powered large performance hatchback, the Panamera.

    9 You use your Model 3 for road trips, and at this point, Tesla is the “only game in town” for people who use EVs for road trips. The vast majority of EV owners use them as commuter cars, charging at home and/or work. For those people, it doesn’t matter that Electrify America and EVgo are not very good.

    As far as Lucid, time will tell. Even if the cars are good, though, Tesla will continue to have a big advantage for those who want to use EVs for highway trips.

  12. Lambo2015 Says:

    6 Larry you are drawing a connection from businessmen/investors in Saudia Arabi and the countries laws policies and actions of certain individuals. Does your racism extend to Nazi Germans that manufactured the Benz you drive?
    Most Americans could probably care less where the investors are from as they can differentiate terrorists from the rest of the population in that country. If you cant make an actual connection between the car company Lucid and terrorism then keep your racist comments to yourself.

  13. Kit Gerhart Says:

    China holds more than a trillion dollars of US national debt. Is that a good thing? Saudis mostly owning a startup car company is quite trivial.

  14. Wim van Acker Says:

    @Autoline Team: what a great 50 minutes interview with Lucid Motors CEO/CTO Peter Rawlinson and VP of Design Derek Jenkins! They have outstanding backgrounds with relevant achievements (among which Rawlinson having been Chief Engineer of TESLA Model S). Lucid Motors seems to be very well set up.

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    14 missed it live, but will watch this evening.

  16. wmb Says:

    @6- Larry I’m glad you can count. All my life I’ve wondered what number came after three, but before five! Now you’ve left me hanging with what comes after 6, or was that SIx? Seriously, my only point was that nowhere have i ever read, herd or seen that Tesla calls itself an automaker that builds luxury vehicles. I may be wrong, which wouldn’t be the first time. For all intents and purposes, I believe Tesla builds premium vehicles, but not true luxury vehicles. Lucid said that they were building a Luxury BEV. Its for this reason, IMHO, they are not direct competitors. Much like the an Audi Q7 does not compete with a VW Atlas. They are both great cars for the customer they are trying to reach. While the Atlas can be had with a luxury package, it is no Q7! This is in no way throwing shade at Tesla, but Sean asked about which luxury EV would we purchase. Tesla never claimed to be a luxury vehicle and Lucid has. Yet before I get on Lucid’s luxury band wagon, it has to live up to its luxury claim. It should be on a level of Benz, BMW, Audi and the others. It should be inspected with the same heavy hand that the Big Three are judged by auto journalists. And Larry don’t keep me waiting on what comes after SiX, I mean SIXTH! I’m on the edge of my set as it is! LOL

  17. WineGeek Says:

    Sean what is wrong with VW why can’t they build a car that is competitive in today’s market across the board. Not just a nice transmission and a good engine but lousy electronics. To be competitive in today’s market a vehicle has to hit more than just one target. The Jetta GLI incudes all the safety features that the industry agreed to make standard, that is not all the current state of the art safety features that the competitive cars offer. They seem to be always just a little behind the times in their product planning and thus can’t sell enough cars to be a real market leader. Too bad because the Jetta drives great but is not competitive.

  18. Kit Gerhart Says:

    17 VW is a market leader in Europe, and many places places around the world, but not in the US where trucks dominate the market. For now, Jetta, Golf, and the sporty Golf, GTi are “niche” products in the US. Atlas, designed for the US market is doing ok, considering the sparse VW dealer network in the US.

  19. Kit Gerhart Says:

    16 A friend of decades recently bought a Model S, and yes, it is clearly not a luxury car. It is barely quieter than his Prius V at highway speed. The paint job is conspicuously worse. The Tesla is much quicker, it has cool tech, and is different, so he doesn’t regret buying it, but it is far from being a luxury car. You can tell that just from looking at and sitting in a Model S, and then an S-Class or 7 series. You don’t even need to drive them, but if you do, you find the Benz and BMW much quieter on the highway, where wind and road noise are what accounts for most of what you hear.

  20. ChuckGrenci Says:

    AAH was pretty good today. If you’re interested in Lucid or any luxury BEV, the Lucid Air might be the more upscale vehicle for you. If your interest lies in those parameters, the show should be worth your while. Production to begin in the spring of next year.

  21. RickW Says:

    How much Tesla stock does Pride Group Enterprises
    The investment in vehicles that do not exist is at least very curious.

  22. Larry D. Says:

    It was NOT a fluke. Markets continued their stellar gains of Nov 4 yesterday, instead of the usual ‘profit taking’ drop, they were up again, and the portfolio of mine ( a large part but not the total of my investments), which grew by $216k JUST on Nov 4, grew again by a more ‘modest’


    On Nov 5. I will not bother you with the sordid details, which fund was the big winner etc, but I am much more interested to know WHY are the markets so relieved, since the election is not even finalized yet, and markets hate uncertainty.

    I think I know the answer and it is also of scientific interest to those in the field of FORECASTING.

    When the polls had it wrong in 2016, way wrong, it MIGHT have been an honest mistake, or sheer stupidity and incompetence of the forecasters. No surprise to ME here. I have often said, ‘those who gaze in crystal balls eat broken glass’ and those who LISTENED to me would have greatly benefited from it.

    BUT to be so wrong TWICE in ROW, is VERY SUSPICIOUS. Because in 2020 they KNEW that their inaccurate (and WORSE) polls WAY UNDERestimated the Trump votes. And because they KNEW, even the stupider of them could easily ADJUST their predictions to cover these factors, for example that some Trump voters would not admit to them they would vote for Trump, etc.

    WHich leads to the OBVIOUS Conclusion. These Polls were intended as SUPPRESSION Polls, to DISCOURAGE potential Trump voters so they would not bother to vote, knowing they would not make a difference!!!!

    The corruption of the Dems and their LACKEYS in the MEDIA and their POLLSTERS stinks to high heaven. WHERE IS THE “BLUE WAVE” they predicted????? THe Senate is STILL IN REP HANDS! They made NO GAINS in the US HOUSE either. The presidency, if only LEGAL votes are counted, it probably Trump’s too.

    So I just DO NOT BUY that these clowns in the media are so TERMINALLY Stupid. Biden is, but they are not. they are CROOKED.

    At least I got my $200k and $100k a day for consolation. Maybe I should go blow it on the new, and MUCH improved, seriously, ROlls ROyce Ghost. OR should I wait a couple more days and get the REAL thing, the PHANTOM VIII?

  23. Larry D. Says:

    Or maybe wait and get a BEV Bentley. Much more fn to DRIVE than a ROlls. I can’t read the article, so I wonder if they just mean plug-ins, or REAL BEVs.

  24. Kit Gerhart Says:

    22 You are as full of—conspiracy theories as Trump. Yes, in the era of cell phones that no one answers, “social media,” very few landline phones, etc., polls don’t work very well. If anything, the inaccurate polls probably brought out more Trump voters, and more votes for Rep candidates for house and senate.

    23 We don’t really need those links to articles that are behind expensive pay walls.

  25. Sean Wagner Says:

    Larry, kindly find another podium for your non-automotive content.

    19 – Kit – Are we talking about a new Model S?

    The latest cars have a pretty competent suspension, but only the 3 and Y are presently gaining the benefits of double-paned glass.

    While the somewhat austere Tesla interiors don’t hew to usual luxury design precepts, I think the perceived gap is mainly about the lack of widely expected amenities and cosseting.

    The last After Hours provided some interesting insights.

  26. Kit Gerhart Says:

    25 Yep, he’s had it a few months, and got it new.

  27. Lambo2015 Says:

    19 Kit have you ridden in your friends Tesla? I wonder if it just appears louder since not having an engine to drown out some of the road noise. I could easily see passengers of an EV thinking the car has more road noise with a quieter powertrain. The road would become much more apparent. The only Tesla I have ridden in was a Model Y during my interview at Tesla and one of the chief engineers took me around the Freemont campus so no highway speeds.


    25) Not really a perceived gap. It is a real gap. In the economy field power windows, locks, cruise, tilt, Air Conditioning, power seats, heated seats and fake leather is common all the way down to the Chevrolet Cruze. That is all the S really offers in the their car as features.

    The S does offer augmented cruise control and some video game features which is more than economy cars. That alone is not enough to qualify it as a luxury car as most luxury cars have some variation of augmented cruise control. The model S is a Chevy Malibu LTZ with the equivalent of GMs Supercruise with the added bonus of looking like an old Buick. The only thing Luxurious about the Model S is the price.

  29. Kit Gerhart Says:

    27 So far, I’ve just heard about it via phone calls and email. He’s in Seattle, and I’m in Indiana and Florida. I suspect he will be driving it to Indiana next summer for a big model airplane event, so I will get to ride in it, and drive it. His comments about noise pertain mainly to highway speed. He’s about my age, and has been around noisy model airplane engines, and would have lost some high frequency hearing. His perception of noise level probably pertains mainly to lower frequency noise, like road noise.

  30. Kit Gerhart Says:

    27,29 I need to find out what size wheels my friend’s car has. I’ve read in a couple reports that the car has noticeably more road noise with the 21 inch wheels, than with the standard 19s.

  31. Sean Wagner Says:

    26 – Thanks Kit.

    28 – This is an area where Tesla’s vertical integration may have gone too far and is tripping them up – for instance, making all the car seats themselves. They don’t even have ventilation anymore.

    I do think the Model S is a standout design that helped kick off Tesla as a volume manufacturer and holds up extremely well. But then I liked the Buick Park Avenue…

    Just way too wide to be practical in Europe.

  32. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I’m part way through watching the AAH, and if the Lucid powertrain is actually 15% more efficient than others, that is impressive. Tesla powertrains are more efficient than most, and the Lucid guys seem to be claiming that theirs is 15% more efficient than Tesla.

    The miniaturization they talk about sounds like they are using very high rpm motors, with lots of gear reduction. Are small, 40,000 rpm motors more efficient than larger, lower rpm ones?

  33. Larry D. Says:

    Τook a look at yesterday’s AAH and when I saw the title “Osama Motors would love to be another Tesla” it lost my interest.

    Does Alqaida-Lucid Motors have a MASS MARKET VEHICLE like the Models Y and 3????

    NO IT DOES NOT. Not by a longshot.

    QED. Regardless of everything else, this CONDEMNS Lucid to being a VERY LOW VOLUME BEV maker. And if somebody cannot understand this SIMPLE FACT, they need LOTS of help.

  34. Lambo2015 Says:

    32 Efficiency and shrinking the size may be at the expense of longevity. I would imagine a motor spinning at 40,000 rpm would certainly wear out bearings quicker. There is always a tradeoff.

  35. Kit Gerhart Says:

    34 It is possible to make bearings that hold up at 100K+ rpm, in a very harsh environment, for turbochargers. I think they are ceramic ball bearing, but I’m not sure. I don’t know what they’d use for small, high rpm EV motors, or what they use for lower rpm ones, but I suspect bearings should not be a problem.

  36. Larry D. Says:

    Today is very windy and overcast here, it rained earlier, and I missed my two swims, so I have time to listen to BS artists like the Lucid-Osama-AlQaida guests at AAH.

    I only could take about 5 minutes of their BS, but they were indicative.

    I was disappointed that AAH gave the salesmen the WHOLE HOUR instead of the much better format where, even if you despise the guests, you still have the second half with the usually good discussions between John and Gary and other NON-BS participants.

    My observations from the sample I could endure:

    The main spokesmodel kept saying they want it to be “the best car in the world” over and over. He is a brit to boot. Has he ever heard of ROLLS ROYCE? WHich, after BMW Bought it, and fixed its mechanicals, DID become the best car in the world?

    I saw Lucid’s interior. If I was in junior high again, I’d find it cool. I might even be impressed by it (shows how little one knows at that age). It sure is no competition for SERIOUS Luxury cars.

    I also listened to the chief designer, who had as his goal all kinds of things EXCEPT to double or quintuple the SHAREHOLDER”s $. You can understand I would NEVER EVER invest in such an outfit.

    Too bad you let those outrageous snake oil salesmen take the WHOLE AAH. And you really never challenged them about ANYTHING. They have been around for MORE than a DECADE and they YET have to sell a SINGLE Car. ANd they want to be… another Tesla??? WHen??? in 2050, if ever?

    SUmmary: LAUGHABLE. Only the usual Tesla haters here who have no clue claim they would have one (let alone none of them can AFFORD one)

  37. Lambo2015 Says:

    35 Yeah I suppose high speed bearings would work ya just know that physics alone will tell ya, increase speed, load and you increase heat. even with better bearings.